Modi’s team making every effort to erase Kashmir’s history

Sheikh Abdullah’s daughter accuses the government for erasing her father’s legacy who ruled the Kashmir for decades
Srinagar, Indian administered Kashmir- sheikh Muhammad Abdullah’s daughter Khalida shah speaks plaintively about her late father’s legacy, whose legacy was disputed as it made him a hero to some and villain t others. Muhammad Abdullah was the most prominent leader of modern Kashmir.
For decades, December 5 is a state holiday as it is sheikh Abdullah’s birthday in Indian ruled Kashmir. However, it has been removed from the calendar by New Delhi now and uncovered the Muslim majority district of its limited independence six months ago.
Shah told “it is definitely hurtful” at her home in the major city of Srinagar, while she was in a house arrest since august 2019 in a government crackdown against Kashmir leaders.
Former chief ministers and her brother and nephew, Farooq Abdullah and Omer Abdullah have been arrested since august.
She stated her family “became enemies with people for siding with India”. While referring to removal of Abdullah’s anniversary from calendar by Indian Government she said “Indian government is trying to erase the history of Kashmir by doing this”.
August 5 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to repudiate articles 370 and 35A of the constitution, also he has campaigned against the special status for Kashmir. The articles 370 and 35 A was held by Abdullah 70 years back.
Under article 370, Kashmir has a right to its own flag, separate constitution and the autonomy to make laws.
Kashmiri protestant fear the elimination of the special status will probably lead to demographic changes in the region with Muslim majority, while outsiders can now purchase land and reside on the Himalayan region.
Several were also enraged by Modi government’s decision to cancel the martyr’s day anniversary on July 13 to commemorate the killing of 22 people in the protests against Kashmir’s Hindu ruler in 1931.
Shah said, as she was angry at recent actions by the government, her family “became enemies with people for siding with India”. For almost seven decades, Abdullah generation ruled the region.
Sheikh Abdullah’s influenced began as he guided the people of Kashmir to resist the Dogra monarch at that time, Hari Singh, which made him an instant hero.
The Kashmir leader later backed Hari Singh’s decision to join the Indian union on a condition of plebiscite, who was previously fighting for independence.
Abdullah was an ardent critic of founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah despite his close terms with powerful political leadership like Jawaharlal Nehru of India.
After his death in 1982, when armed struggle against Indian rule started and took impetus, many considered Abdullah’s actions and betrayal to the Kashmir causes there are pro Pakistan voices in Kashmir.
Both India and Pakistan claims full Kashmir, but rules only part of it, got freedom from British rule in august 1947.
Hari Singh agreed that the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir would accede to the Indian union as he signed the instrument of accession, in Oct 1947. New deli only had control over the foreign affairs, defense and communications of the region. However, overtime, New Delhi weakened the autonomous status of Kashmir.
The Indian government is attempting to enforce their version of history in Kashmir, according to experts.
26 October was declared as accession day to remember the signing of instrument in 1947.
A Kashmir academic in USA, Muhammad Junaid said, “Hindu right-wing in India lays territorial claims on Kashmir by systematically erasing historical experiences of Kashmiri people”.
He said “They want to deny the existence of long history of Kashmiri struggle against the Hindu Dogra feudal state as well as [for] freedom from Indian control”.
He held “the events that reaffirm the existence of Kashmiris’ and their struggles for emancipation are seen as ‘affronts to Hindu nationalism’”.
Junaid told “They want to forcibly suppress people’s memories, especially those that hold the centre of Kashmiri identity and impose their own version”.
The BJP leader and spokesman for Jammu and Kashmir, Ashok Koul defends the actions of Modi administration and insisted that these actions “won’t harm anyone”.
While referring to the abrogation of article 370 he said “History should be put in the right perspective for the new generations. The government knows what the right things for this society are”.
Daughter of Abdullah sheikh, shah referred to the 1931 events as “the base of Kashmir’s struggle”.
Further “The flag of Kashmir, which no more exists, is the sign of their blood, [those] who were killed on that day on July 13”.
Idris Kant, a Kashmiri historian narrated the historical value of july 13 and how it reminds them as “occupied people”.
Authorities in Kashmir declared to remove the words “Sher-e-Kashmir” or “lion of Kashmir” on police medal for commendable services on republic day Jan 26. This is an attempt to remove reference to sheikh Abdullah.–Worldwide News

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