NATO agrees to extend mission in Iraq

Brussels: NATO is supposed to take a huge role in Iraq, gaining control over some activities from the US-led alliance against ISIS/Daesh, the coalition’s secretary-general declared in a defense ministers summit at Brussels headquarter.
Jens Stoltenberg said, “We need to be able to conduct operations”.
Stolen stated ministers settled on the theory of “expanding and scaling up to do more” in Iraq, adding the alliance would formulate the details in future.
He emphasized that NATO had conferred with the Iraqi government and the military alliance would stay in the country with their approval.
Stoltenberg said, “NATO is focused on,” Daesh/ISIS, and making sure they never come back”.
The defense ministers also talked about the security and humanitarian crisis in Syria.
Stoltenberg reassured that NATO is “’very concerned’ about the situation in Idlib, which is a consequence of the brutal use of violence, horrendous attacks against innocent civilians and indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets”.
He said, “We call on the Russian-backed Assad regime to stop all these attacks, which are killing innocent civilians”.
The secretary-general established that the coalition supported US-led efforts for peace while referring to the security situation in Afghanistan.
He said it’s up to the “Taliban to demonstrate that they are aiming and willing to reduce violence”
The defense ministers will discuss the stability and security issue in Syria on the second day of the meeting.–Worldwide News

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