Netanyahu discusses Syria airstrike with Putin

Russian president stressed importance of respecting Syrian sovereignty
MOSCOW: Russia’s Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of respecting Syrian sovereignty in a phone call Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
President Putin and Netanyahu discussed Israeli airstrikes on a Syrian airbase over the phone, the Kremlin said Wednesday.
“The Syrian agenda was discussed, including recent airstrikes launched by Israeli Air Forces on the airbase Tiyas located in the Homs province,” said the statement, published on the Kremlin’s official website.
According to the Kremlin, Putin called for abstention from any actions which could “destabilize the situation in Syria and threaten [the country’s security]”.
The conversation was initiated by the Israeli side, said the statement.
Russia and Syria have accused Israeli jets of firing guided missiles at the Tiyas airbase in Syria’s Homs province having killed 14 people, including Iranian citizens.–AA

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