Netanyahu meets Scholz in Jerusalem

In a pivotal meeting held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem on Sunday, 17 March 2024, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his third visit as chancellor to Israel, marking their second meeting during the ongoing conflict. Netanyahu praised Germany’s support amidst these challenging times and emphasized their shared concerns over protecting civilians and increasing humanitarian aid amidst the conflict with Hamas.

Netanyahu highlighted Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties and combat the misuse of humanitarian aid by Hamas, stressing the need for a collective effort to ensure aid reaches those in need. Both leaders concurred on the imperative of eliminating Hamas to secure a peaceful future for Gaza and Israel, with Netanyahu sharing harrowing tales of hostages and asserting that peace is unattainable with Hamas in power.

The Israeli Prime Minister reassured of Israel’s commitment to peace, underpinned by the nation’s security, and expressed gratitude for Germany’s continued support in international forums. The discussions also touched on future strategies post-Hamas and the prioritization of minimizing civilian casualties in ongoing operations.–Web Desk