Netanyahu outlines victory conditions in Gaza, addresses AIPAC delegation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a crucial meeting with an AIPAC delegation led by President Michael Tuchin on Monday, 18 March 2024, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, shared insights into the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel’s broader regional security objectives. Netanyahu defined victory as the dismantlement of Hamas’s military and governance structures, the safe return of hostages, and ensuring Gaza does not pose a future threat to Israel. He emphasized the need for security on the northern front, involving Hezbollah’s retreat, as integral to Israel’s strategy.

Netanyahu highlighted the conflict as part of a larger struggle against the Iran-led axis, portraying it as a crucial battle for the future alignment of the Middle East and the preservation of civilization against extremism. He criticized misrepresentations of Israel’s domestic unity on these issues in the U.S., asserting widespread support for his government’s objectives. Netanyahu called for solidarity in achieving victory, framing it as essential for Israel’s and the region’s security and future.–Web Desk