Netanyahu Pledges Total Victory, Hostage Rescue in Gevura Forum Meeting

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Sunday, June 9, 2024), met with representatives of the Gevura (“Heroism”) Forum at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. The Forum, consisting of families who have lost loved ones in the Swords of Iron War, sought to support Netanyahu for the successful operation to rescue hostages and for enduring domestic and foreign pressures.

In his address to the Forum representatives, Netanyahu emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to achieving total victory, stating that abandoning the arena is not an option. He underscored that this commitment is driven not only by the memory of fallen soldiers but also by the future security of the country. Netanyahu expressed that the majority of Israelis, including non-Jewish citizens and the families of fighters, understand and support this necessity.

Netanyahu also highlighted the ongoing efforts to rescue hostages through undisclosed methods, asserting that Israel’s future hinges on standing firm against the threats posed by Iran and its proxies. He rejected any notion of halting the war without achieving the goals of eliminating Hamas and other threats.

Addressing the complexity of the situation, Netanyahu outlined the multifront battles Israel is engaged in, including against Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, militias in Iraq and Syria, Iran, in Judea and Samaria, and in the international arena. He stressed the importance of internal cohesion to sustain the fight on these multiple fronts.

The Prime Minister concluded by expressing his deep appreciation for the Gevura Forum’s support and the strength of their words.

National Security Council Director Tzachi Hanegbi and the Prime Minister’s Military Secretary, Maj.-Gen. Roman Gofman, also attended the meeting.–News Desk