New coronavirus cases fall in China, but grow elsewhere

Beijing- China announced an abrupt decrease in coronavirus cases and new deaths, as the number of infections doubled in South Korea with 10 new cases reported in Iran adding to the strain about the brisk spread of coronavirus.
Down from 889 a day before, the number of confirmed cases dropped to 397 in mainland China, however, only 31 cases were reported outside the Hubei province. This is the lowest score since the virus outbreak in mainland China as stated by the national health commission.
the number of infected persons was on continuous rise, with the epidemic spreading to South Korea, Lebanon, Italy, and Iran. The extent of deadly coronavirus urged the world health organization to impose a state of health emergency and insisting the international community deal with the virus as aggressively as possible.
With 229 newly confirmed cases, South Korea, the total number rises to 433. Officials warn that the number of coronavirus cases can increase substantially as more than one thousand people attended a church at the epicenter of the outbreak started with the flue-like symptoms.
Iran reported 10 new cases earlier this week, bringing the number to 28 with five deaths.
The business activity freeze in the US business activity and the concerns were reflected on US stocks in February.
The virus has reached 26 countries outside China.
The WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus called for financial aid to support the most vulnerable nations while expressing concerns over the spread of the virus on Twitter.
He said “We still have a chance to contain it”, further “If we don’t, if we squander the opportunity, then there will be a serious problem on our hands”.
The news finding regarding coronavirus in mainland China can obscure the intentions to prevent it, as the Hubei administration declared that an older man took about a month to display signs of the infection.
There is a complication like asymptomatically spreading as a woman who traveled from Wuhan after visiting hr infected relatives and showed no symptoms related to the disease.
State television broadcasted the arrival of the “blue whale” in Wuhan consisting of tens of thousands of medical workers to control the virus.
Senior Chinese bank officials tried to alleviate fear among global investors regarding the spread of the epidemic saying “interest rates would be guided lower and that the country’s financial system and currency were resilient”.
The deputy governor of people’s bank of china Chen Yulu said: “policymakers have plenty of tools to support the economy, and are fully confident of winning the war against the epidemic”.
Chen told, “We believe that after this epidemic is over, pent-up demand for consumption and investment will be fully released, and China’s economy will rebound swiftly”.–Worldwide News

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