North Korea executes official for using a public bathroom

A trade official was killed by gunshot as he visited a public bath and was supposed to be in isolation for a coronavirus preventive measure, as stated by South Korean media.
According to local media reports, the person was in quarantine following his return from China, as a caution for coronavirus.
The trade official was put to death following North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un declared the country would “rule by military law” in case anyone leaves quarantine without authorization. As per reports, the country is taking necessary measures to stop coronavirus at all costs. Anyone who has traveled to China or is in contact with Chinese people is in quarantine.
Further, an official has been exiled to a farm within the country that attempted to conceal his latest tour to China.
North Korea has sealed its border with China and imposed a severe travel ban among the two countries. Pyongyang announced that quarantines for people suspected for coronavirus would be for 30 days in preference to normal 14 days.
This is not the first case to put someone to death, as Kim Jong-un is notorious for executing multiple officials using anti-aircraft guns. In 2014, OSang-Hon ex-deputy public security minister has been executed with a flamethrower.
It is expected that reports of trade official’s execution are invalid as it has happened in the past that the North Korean report of the execution of top official Kim Hyok Chol proved to be inaccurate when he was found alive in July 2019 by South Korean intelligence agency.
North Korea has not made any statement regarding the number of coronavirus within its territory, and the WHO is not aware of any confirmed cases. However, South Korean media speculates multiple cases of coronavirus and possible deaths in the region.–Worldwide News

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