Oman post launches stamp to honor Palestine

Oman has issued commemorative stamps to honor Palestine and its capital Jerusalem saying “Al Quds – the Capital of Palestine” keeping in view cooperation with the Arab permanent postal commission.
The move was inspired by the Arab league in 1954 to display the support of the Arab world for the Palestine cause.
Oman post launch the stamps featuring an image of the Dome of the rock mosque, situated in the AL-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and the Palestinian flag showing white dove symbolized as peace.
The CEO of Oman post, Abdulmalik al Balushi said: “Oman has always been a supporter of the Palestinian cause, and this new stamp not only very beautifully depicts the Dome of the Rock but also delivers a united message to the entire world”.
Moreover “We hope that philatelists and people, who are interested in the historical and cultural significance of Al Quds, will enjoy the stamp and be reminded of our wish for a better future for the Palestinian people and peace around the world”.
The exhibition of comradeship observed after US President Donald Trump revealed his much-awaited, ostensible “peace plan” to put an end to Palestine-Israel conflict. Hailed as “deal of the century”, it has been slammed as it gives Israel everything it desires while left Palestinians with no privileges, making sure they are quashed by the Israelis.
The Arab League has dismissed Trump’s plan, except some Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates have already provided their consent. Besides, the diplomats of the Bahrain, Oman, and UAE were present in the white house while Trump was announcing the plan along with Israeli premier Netanyahu.
The chairman of Majlis Al Shura, the advisory council and Omani speaker Khalid bin Hilal Al Malawi addressed the 30th emergency summit of the Arab inter-parliamentary union wherein he emphasized Oman’s stand on Palestine cause and vowed support to Palestinians for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
Al Malawi raised concerns against the “peace plan”, backed up by Israel as intolerable till it considers Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. He stated the plan is offensive as it does not cover the return of refugees and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.–Worldwide News

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