Pakistan confirms 16 cases of COVID-19

Karachi: Pakistan on Monday confirmed 9 new cases of COVID-19.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health; Dr Zafar Mirza, on Monday stated in a tweet that the country confirmed 9 new cases of coronavirus in Sindh; a province in Pakistan.

The 9 effected patients were identified as the resident of Karachi; a city in Sindh province, who had reached Karachi from Syria and England and had tested positive for COVID-19 and were shifted for the treatment at three different public and private hospitals in city. This now brings the total number of cases to 13 in Sindh and 16 across the country.

However, Sindh and Balochistan – two provinces of Pakistan, had already announced closure of the educational institutions till 15 March as a precaution to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.

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