Pakistan releases two Indian High Commission employees

Dwimu Brahma and Paul Selvadhas were sent back to India via the Wagah border crossing.

LAHORE- Two Indian commission officials Dwimu Brahma and Paul Selvadhas have been released by Pakistani authorities on Monday after being arrest in an incident happened in the federal capital and they were reported to be totally involved in the hit-and-run incident.

According to the Foreign Office (FO), Dwimu Brahma and Paul Selvadhas entered in the country in 2017.

Both have been shifted to India via Wagah border crossing, while from their possession, the authorities were successful to find out the counterfeit currency.

Police from the capital territory toke both of them in their custody in June 15 and after a great investigation held by FO, they were asked to be free.

An FIR (First information Report) was also submitted against both officials at the Secretariat Police Station which said that both of them subsequently made efforts to flee while running over a pedestrian. Further, the FIR added that from one of the following officials, counterfeit currency notes were found.

FO and Indian High Commission are yet to issue formal statements.

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