Palestinian minister accuses Netanyahu of extending Gaza war for political survival

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki accuses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of deliberately extending the conflict in Gaza to maintain his political position. During a discussion with South Africa’s Ambassador Sean Benfeldt in Ramallah, al-Maliki criticized Netanyahu’s lack of interest in a ceasefire, suggesting the prolongation of the war serves his political interests.

Al-Maliki highlighted the dire humanitarian situation, with nearly 600,000 Palestinians facing famine due to the conflict. He expressed frustration with the global community’s insufficient efforts to pressure Israel for a ceasefire and underscored the urgency for international intervention in support of the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinian Foreign Minister also addressed the severe impact of Israel’s actions in the West Bank and the lawsuit against Israel for genocide filed by South Africa at the International Court of Justice. He praised South Africa’s support and emphasized the significance of the court’s provisional measures against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The ongoing conflict, sparked by a cross-border attack from Hamas on October 7, has led to extensive casualties, displacement, and destruction in Gaza, with the international community’s attention focused on Israel’s military offensive and its humanitarian consequences.–Web Desk