Pentagon Exhibit Highlights Advanced Military Manufacturing Technologies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Critical materials made from flowers, advanced heat exchangers, and environmentally friendly explosives were among the innovative military technologies showcased at the third annual Defense Department Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech) Pentagon Day exhibition on June 4, 2024.

The event highlighted the ManTech program’s efforts to accelerate advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance the Department of Defense’s (DOD) capabilities. ManTech encompasses investment programs operated by the Air Force, Army, Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Attendees learned about ManTech’s mission to ensure the safety of service members and support the DOD’s strategic needs through the development and maturation of critical technologies. The program aims to reduce the costs and cycle times associated with defense system acquisition and support.

“The ManTech program is crucial for scaling up technologies from lab innovations to real-world military applications,” said Tracy Frost, ManTech’s program director. “Our mission is to reduce the acquisition and supportability costs of defense systems and shorten manufacturing and repair cycle times.”

This year’s exhibition emphasized the program’s role in supporting rapid modernization and long-term strategic advancements. Leaders from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, including Heidi Shyu and Aprille Ericsson, toured the exhibits alongside ManTech leaders.

Highlighted exhibits included:

Heat Exchanger from MII America Makes: Utilizing additive manufacturing to enhance cooling efficiency and design flexibility in military engine components.
Rocket Nozzle: Developed with new additive technologies and specialized materials for supply-chain flexibility.
BioMADE Rubber: Made from dandelions to increase sustainability and reduce carbon emissions and import reliance.
6T Battery Technology: An Army ManTech innovation improving reliability, lifespan, and performance of lithium batteries in ground vehicles.
DBX1 Green Energetics: An environmentally friendly explosive enhancing safety and performance in military ordnance.
“The MIIs are public-private partnerships that support various technology domains,” said Frost. “By uniting public, private, and academic players, we can move faster and more efficiently to benefit the U.S. military.”

Heidi Shyu highlighted the importance of collaborative innovation to tackle current and future challenges. “The innovations I saw showed the depth and breadth the department needs to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow. DOD ManTech’s ability to bring so many experts across multiple domains together to work as a team is exactly what keeps America safe and our domestic manufacturing base dynamic.”

The event underscored the critical role of advanced manufacturing technologies in maintaining the U.S. military’s edge and supporting the DOD’s mission to deter and defeat adversaries.–News Desk