Putin claims fourth term victory

MOSCOW: The Central Election Commission of Russia has published preliminary results after 60% of ballots have been counted.
Vladimir Putin with 75.74 percent of votes, communist Pavel Grudinin with 12.76 percent and liberal-democrat Vladimir Zhirinovsky with 6.14 percent make the top three.
Candidates with the pro-western program Ksenia Sobchak and Grigory Yavlinsky follow next with 1.46 percent and 0.86 percent respectively.
Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin held a speech at the concert in the center of Moscow where he thanked his supporters.
He also answered journalists’ questions. Among other things, he promised to meet with all his rivals in the presidential race after the inauguration that is scheduled on May 7.
He also commented that in regards to the Skripal poisoning case, Russia does not possess a toxic agent used to poison the ex-spy and expressed readiness to take part in the probe in the case.

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