Russia calls for extradition of Ukrainian security chief

The Russian government has formally requested that Ukraine detain and hand over Vasyl Maliuk, the chief of Ukraine’s security services, along with others accused of engaging in “terrorist acts” against Russia. This demand, announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry, emphasizes Moscow’s assertion that these individuals have violated international terrorism conventions through their actions since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine commenced more than two years ago.

According to Russia, Maliuk has acknowledged Ukraine’s involvement in the October 2022 bombing of the Crimean Bridge, in addition to orchestrating other assaults within Russian territory. This accusation comes alongside allegations that Ukraine was responsible for a deadly attack on Crocus City Hall near Moscow, which resulted in the loss of over 140 lives last month.

Russia insists that the Ukrainian government cease its alleged support for terrorism, extradite those responsible for such acts, and compensate the victims for their losses. In retort, Maliuk dismissed the Russian demands, pointing to the international warrant out for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s arrest, and stated that the only significant action Russia could take would be to concede defeat in the ongoing conflict and withdraw its forces from Ukraine. Moscow’s Basmanny Court has meanwhile indicted Maliuk in absentia for orchestrating a “terrorist attack,” as reported by the state-run TASS news agency.–News Desk