Russia rejects UN report on war crimes in Idlib, Syria

Moscow- Russia rejected the report by UN commission on indiscriminate attacks on a civilian in Syria’s Idlib.
The spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the commission did not present accurate information as it lacked “reliable” data on what happened in the ground.
He said, “Besides, the report does not mention terror activities in the area and so cannot be considered impartial”.
“We decisively reject such accusations. They were made just a day or two after the terrorists in Idlib began their campaign against Syrian troops”, said Peskov.
“No commission could get reliable information about what is happening on the ground, and, of course, there is nothing said about the offensive actions of terrorist groups, which, at least, makes any judgments of this commission one-sided”, he added.
The UN commission report claimed that the Assad regime has committed war crimes by targeting innocent civilians and attacking hospitals across Idlib, which has been declared a de-escalation zone in 2018.
The allegations are supported by “reasonable grounds” that Russia has played a major role in recent bombardments.
The reporter told, “The Russian Air Force did not direct the attacks at a specific military objective, amounting to the war crime of launching indiscriminate attacks in civilian areas”.
According to a deal signed by Turkey and Russia, Idlib has been declared a de-escalation zone in 2018.
However, the Syrian regime and its allies never respected the terms of the accord as they launched frequent attacks on Idlib forcing millions of citizens to leave their houses and flee towards Turkish borders.
The regime forces attacked and killed 34 Turkish soldiers. As a result, turkey launched operation Spring shield and retaliated against the attack by regime forces.
Turkey is a refuge to more than 3 million displaced Syrians while 1,300 have been slaughtered by the belligerence in the land.–Worldwide News

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