Saudi Arabia allows Palestinian prisoner to call their relatives

A general view inside a prison building on 1 September 2016 [Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]

Mohammed Nazzal who is a senior Hamas official expressed that during the Eid holiday, Palestinian prisoners were allowed by Saudi Arabia to make a call to their relatives. He further in a press release revealed that the prisoners were however not commanded to have family visits in jail but authorities let the prisoners to make phone calls.

Nazzal said that authorities strictly asked to avoid family visits. He acknowledging via a press release added that around 65 prisoners recognized Palestinian nationals who were detained in the Kingdom, were given five minutes to each to speak to their families.

Prison authorities also allowed the son of Dr Mohammed Al Khodari to stay with him in his cell in order to help him as he is unable to move due to illness.

Around a year ago, informations collected regarding prisoners acknowledged that Saudi Arabia captured several Palestinian students, academics including many citizens. Furthermore, it’s reported that the official representative of Hamas in the Kingdom; Muhammad Al-Khodari was among the prisoners against whom formal charges yet to be made.

However, human rights organisations claim that some of the prisoners whose fate is still unknown have already been tried.
On March, over 60 Palestinian of the detainees living in the Kingdom were taken to the court by Saudi authorities among whom some of them possess Jordanian passports.

Hamas have made several attempts to make an active communication with Saudi officials to ask for the safe release of the detainees. But, despite of these all attempts, Riyadh has turned more strict in seeking further measures against the Palestinian detainees.

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