Saudi Arabia approves anti-harassment law

PR: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers has approved an Anti-Harassment law. The law defines harassment as any verbal, physical, or sexual innuendo targeting an individual’s body or modesty by any means, including on technological platforms. The Anti-Harassment law is made up of eight articles, which includes the definition of the crime, the punishment the perpetrators would receive, the protection of the victims, and maintaining people’s individual privacy, dignity, and personal freedoms that are enshrined and guaranteed by Saudi laws. The law protects the victim’s identity, allows for organizations and authorities to pursue the harasser for the public good, and compels organizations, government and non-governmental, to enforce anti-harassment measures and combat it in the workplace. The Law also includes fines and punishments that will be taken against harassers, which includes up to $80,000 in fines and up to 5 years in prison. This proactive step reflects the Kingdom’s continuous growth and development, to create a more cohesive society, and keeping in line with the goals set forth in Vision 2030 of creating a vibrant, advanced, and strong country that is safe for everyone.–PR by Saudi Embassy Washington

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