Spanish Premier Rajoy ousted in no-confidence vote

Pedro Sanchez of the Socialist Party set to be Spain’s new prime minister
OVIEDO: The government of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was toppled on Friday after parliament passed a motion of no-confidence.
Spain’s Socialist Party triggered the vote after a court sentenced several former high-ranking members of Rajoy’s Popular Party to prison on corruption charges, fined the party for benefiting from the corruption ring, and noted that the party had a secret bank account.
Pedro Sanchez, leader of the Socialist Party, is set to be Spain’s new prime minister. He has secured the backing of six other parties, including the far-left Unidos Podemos party and Basque and Catalan nationalist parties.
In parliament, 180 voted against Rajoy, 169 voted to keep him, and there was one abstention.–AA

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