Sudan, UN sign counter-terror pact

KHARTOUM- On Thursday, a pact together was signed by UN and Sudan aimed to conduct strong fights against crimes considered terrorist-related.

Sudan Foreign ministry in a statement told, the following directive is meant to impose Counter-Terrorist Travel Program of UN. The program helps in the provision of intelligence assist to the countries against terrorist-related crimes.

Omar Muhammad Ahmad Siddiq, the ambassador of Sudan’s UN and Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov, deputy head of the UN’s Counter-Terrorism Office, signed the pact through a video link.

The memorandum that promised $45 million signed by the countries is the sign of beginning “a major integrated project in the field of travel, aimed to strongly fight against terrorism and for civil aviation,” the statement added.

The program is intended to provide assistance and support to the countries in order to preclude from terror-linked crimes and also helps to find terrorists, criminals and foreign fighters by analyzing countries’ travel data.

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