Surpassing the death toll to 1,500 from the coronavirus: China

Beijing: Death toll from novel coronavirus surpassed 1,500.
No less than 66,000 people are now suffering from Coronavirus in china that surfaced in Hubei province last December and spread to all over the country a month later leading to global panic. Many 1,700 medical service providers have been contaminated while six killed by the COVId-19, said officials, drawing attention to the country’s fightback to curb the health crisis.
Chinese President Xi Jinping conceded that the outbreak uncovered “shortcomings” in the health sector of the country and emergency response system in case of a health crisis. Combating the epidemic is a “big test for the country’s governance system and governance ability”, Xi held while he presides over a political summit on government reforms this week, as per local media.
About 56 million people are placed on quarantine by Chinese authorities as a response to novel coronavirus. The Hubei region is virtually cut off from the entire country in an extraordinary attempt to keep the virus from spreading.
Several cities distant from the epicenter have imposed severe measures to limit the number of people who can go out of their homes, while schools are closed across the nation and some firms have allowed workers to work from home.
Numerous countries have barred flights to and from China, as major Airlines have closed off services with China.
Nevertheless, the virus continues to spread in China and the score of people has been tested positive for coronavirus outside the borders of China in more than two dozen countries.
As 67 cases of coronavirus are confirmed in Singapore, the Roman Catholic Church announced to suspend all gathering for an indefinite period to put a stop to the spread of the virus and insisted on true-hearted, dutiful to follow services online.
More than 143 deaths have been reported, all except 4 in Hubei, lifting the death toll to 1,523, according to the national health commission.
The cases of the COVID-19 strain have risen to 2,641, as the commission reported, with the majority of patients in Hubei.
The score, yet, was about half as compared to the reports of the previous day.
The number of coronavirus cases engorged this week as authorities in Hubei altered their standard for counting cases, including thousands of new instances to their record.
Before, they were including cases only with positive lab test results, but now also counting those “clinically diagnosed” by lung imaging.
Offices said the change was required to make sure that sufferers get treated on time due to reports of build up in lab tests.
This amendment included almost 1,500 additional cases to Hubei’s count, while the WHO noting down that cases counted weeks back were retroactively calculated.
The WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus said, “We’re seeking further clarity on how clinical diagnosis is being made to ensure other respiratory illnesses including influenza are not getting mixed into the COVID-19 data”.
More than 4,800 cases accounted for Hubei on Friday, and 2,420 on Saturday.
The number of new coronavirus cases increasingly moving out of the Hubei region, as 221 infections reported.
With a score of new cases fallen earlier this week, the epidemic is expected to peak by the end of this month, as suspected by a top Chinese scientist.
The WHO warned that it was “way too early” to make any speculation about the disease’s ambit.
About 1,716 medical workers have been affected by the coronavirus, as six died from the illness. The medical workers got infected due to a lack of proper apparatus like masks and gear to shield them from the virus while dealing with the flood of patients. The dour figure revealed after the public got enraged due to the death of a doctor who warned about the outbreak back in December 2019.–Worldwide News

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