Syria: 20 killed in Idlib as regime forces attack civilians

Airstrikes on Idlib targeted hospitals and schools including the nearby locations, said the human rights group.
No less than 20 civilians were killed including nine children in an attack by the Syrian army in Idlib, said Syrian human rights monitor.
The Syrian Observatory for human rights announced that schools and hospitals were the targets.
There has been a ferocious fight going on among the regime forces and rebels to cease the last major zone in Syria, Idlib.
More than three million people are displaced and in frantic condition.
Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the observatory informed that the strikes targeted the main city and the nearby locations.
He said, “A school child and three teachers, as well as two other people, were killed in Idlib city”, whereas “six children were among the 10 civilians killed in Maarat Misrin”.
Moreover, more than four people including a woman and her two children were killed in the northeast of the city, Binnish.
The UOSSM or union of medical care and relief organizations stated a total of 10 schools were destroyed including the Idlib central hospital and two nurseries were beleaguered in-ground attacks and airstrikes
The strikes were considered as “barbaric” by the organization.
The regional director of amnesty international for middle east and north African region, Heba Morayef condemned the assail saying “Schools should be safe places for children to learn and play, even in a conflict zone”. Further on “Targeting schools and kindergartens being used for civilian purposes is a war crime”.
As of the humanitarian crisis in Idlib is believed to be worst since 2011.
The UN has already warned that the situation in idlib could lead to “bloodbath”. The UN secretary Antonio Guterres insisted on an immediate ceasefire.–Worldwide News

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