Syria- Moderate groups take over the Idlib district

Idlib, Syria– Moderate opposition groups gained control of the strategic district in Idlib province, Saraqib, from the government forces.
This move came after the groups took control of another town, al-Nayrab in Saraqib.
Turkey and Russia, in Sept 2008, agreed that Idlib would be a de-escalation zone in which violent acts would be prohibited.
Since then, the terms are violated multiple times as attacks by the regime and Russian troops killed more than 1,800 citizens.
Owing to intense attacks since the last year, no less than 1.7 million civilians were forced to flee to the Turkish border.
The regime and its allies attacked the Turkish soldiers on the peace mission in Syria.
Turkey is the country to refuge most of the displaced persons in the world, as it welcomed more than 3.7 refugees since the Syrian civil war commenced in 2011.–Worldwide News

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