Terrorism under Islamic flag is not acceptable: Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said the government will not tolerate violence in the name of religion and those who commit such acts will not be spared by the authorities.

The premier made these remarks during a condolence reference held at the Prime Minister’s Office for Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara who was brutally lynched by a mob in Sialkot last week over blasphemy allegations.

At the outset of the ceremony, the prime minister praised Malik Adnan, a factory manager who tried to save the life of the Sri Lankan national, saying it was admirable to see that a person tried to see another person’s life without caring for his own life.

“Role models are important in the country because people follow them,” Imran said, adding, “Moral power is greater than physical power.”

“I am certain our youth will remember the way Adnan stood up to those monsters,” he said.

The premier said the Holy Prophet (PBUH) brought peace and justice to the Arab society and this world, adding that the first welfare state was established by the Holy Prophet.

In Pakistan, people are killing in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), said the premier, adding that blasphemy accused rot in jails because lawyers and judges are scared to listen to the cases.

“Judges refuse to hear blasphemy cases, we know that. Then who will defend these accused,” Imran added.

The premier said the attack on Army Public School in Peshawar united the nation against terrorism. Just like that incident brought the nation together, now entire Pakistan has decided to “put an end to such incidents”.

Imran said that the business community of Sialkot has collected $0.1m for the deceased Sri Lankan citizen’s family, adding that the victim family will continue to receive his monthly salary for the duration of their lifetime.

Imran added that he established the Rehmatul Aalmeen Authority to spread the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so that people could follow in his footsteps.

“But we are heading in a completely different direction,” he said, urging the nation to study the life of the Prophet (PBUH).

The premier said Pakistan was the only country that was established in the name of Islam, but Sialkot-like incidents were a source of shame for the Pakistanis.

“Pakistanis living abroad couldn’t show their faces in public after this incident,” he said, adding that he received tons of messages from people living overseas.

At the end of the speech, he paid tribute to Malik Adnan, saying it restored faith in humanity. Imran said Adnan will be awarded Tamgha-e-Shujaat on March 23.

On Monday, the mortal remains of the Sri Lankan national reached Colombo from Lahore airport, while an anti-terrorism court (ATC) granted physical remand of 26 accused for 15 days for investigation.

Priyantha Kumara’s remains were repatriated with state honours.–APP

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