Trump’s deal of the century and the Palestine spring

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president finding a place in the sun as he extracted a rejection from the Arab league regarding Trump’s Middle East plan. The Arab league warned that neither Palestinians president not other leaders afford to be the one in history who “sold Jerusalem” and the Mosque Al Aqsa to Israelis.
This is the similar case the late Palestinian person in charge Yasser Arafat made to validate rejection of the US and Israeli order at the camp David summit of 2000, as all the Arab leaders were more concerned about Jerusalem as compared to Palestinian rights.
This is the same argument the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat made to justify rejecting the US and Israeli dictate at the Camp David summit in 2000, knowing all that Arab autocrats may not care about Palestinian rights but could not be seen to have surrendered Jerusalem.
The gambit worked.
US superciliousness to declare the entire Jerusalem as the center of Israel has flopped Trump’s full “vision”, while Washington is left with humiliation and the foolishly named “deal of the century” is hardly active.
Moreover, Abbas cut off ties with the US and Israel. A Palestinian official warned “If Jerusalem is off the table, America is off the table”.
The reaction was a surprise for the American who sustained that he would come to the negotiation table sooner or later, however, it was not a bolt from the blue for the Israeli premiere Netanyahu.
It is not possible to say if the Middle East plan by trump was ignorance by the young advisor and trumps’ son in law Kushner or the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, but it seems to be credulity from both for successful manipulation.
It is ludicrously obvious that Netanyahu’s extremist ideas are the basis of the plan. Without any doubt, when trump was reading the plan standing besides Netanyahu at white house ceremony, it seemed as if he was reading the proposal for the first time.
The plan was a downhill from there on, as the president’s son in law mimicked Netanyahu’s debunked clichés and propaganda points.
Definitely, there is a strange likeness among Netanyahu’s previous spokesman and Kushner’s style, and both have taken their cue from global language dictionary by frank Luntz.
The plan was not helpful for Netanyahu, who was a puppet master and planned to announce the plan and especially legitimizing new Israeli control over the Palestinian land, not to make negotiations with Palestinians, but to win for the fourth time.
Netanyahu, unlike Kushner, knows the reaction and ideals of the Palestinians too well, and his ideas were already tested.
In fact, this anticipated rejection by Palestinians was the major reason of his support for the plan.
Netanyahu’s repudiation to make a “moderate” deal with Abbas who is a flexible negotiator and rejected armed struggle to favor demilitarized Palestinian sates, his firmness for controlling more Palestinian lands leave the Palestinians helpless, as they have no alternative but to accept the new plan of liberation.
Netanyahu aspires to do away with both Abbas and Palestine’s current leadership and independence.
To be concise, Abbas has proved himself as too immature for too long, believing that winning a decent argument with Israel is enough to change their strategic calculus.
However, Abbas ignore the fundamental principle of diplomacy, the reflection of balance of power. As a direct consequence of Israeli’s supremacy over the land, Palestinians failed to get independent state from the unsuccessful Oslo accords.
Same is the case with Abbas’s new demands for an international summit under sponsorship of the international communities like US, UN, EU and Russia. The supremacy of US globally will not extract fruitful result for Palestinians.
Without real change on the ground, the diplomacy cannot achieve more.
Even Trump, who favors the strong and be repulsed by the weak, may find if beneficial to rectify the US position.
Change requires calling for Palestinians energy, passion and talent for justice and liberty which consecutively necessitates settlement and agreement across a lucid national scheme. It requires dismantling the “police state” in the occupied territory.
Abbas’s declaration that all the security dexterity with Israel will be halted and that it will not be treated as “peace partner” but an “occupying power” is the first step towards galvanizing freedom agenda.
If Abbas agrees to go through the plan, it would be a game changer for the region for years to come.
Believe it or not, the aged Abbas should be applauded for his belief in peace and appreciated for mobbing with enthusiasm across the world to promote coexistence.
But he should continue his efforts to make sure smooth transition of power to a young and vibrant leadership of Palestine.
Even though, Palestine is occupied for 53 years and millions are in detention still Palestinians are firm and proved that they may bend but will not break.
The “Jewish state” is rapidly becoming bi-national state as Palestinians make 25 percent of the population.–Worldwide News

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