Turkey retaliates; destroys regime’s defense system

Idlib—The Turkish troops attacked the Syrian regime’s military airport in Aleppo, as per local sources.
Al-Nayrab military airport, on the outer edges of Aleppo city centers, was alleged to be used as a military base to launch frequent attacks against Turkish troops by the Assad regime in Idlib.
The sources said, “The Turkish Armed Forces used armed drones and fire support vehicles to target the airport, making it out of service”.
It added, the regime military transferred aircraft and equipment from the Kuweires military airport to Al-Nayrab airport that was targeted by Turkish forces a day before.
Local sources informed the regime’s capacity to retaliate was further restricted, as the Al-Nayrab military airport has been made ineffectual.
The Turkish defense minister Hulusi Akar declared the country has commenced operation spring shield in Idlib to strike back in response to the most recent regime attack on the Turkish military.
No less than 34 Turkish soldiers were killed and several injured in airstrikes by the Assad regime.
Under a Sept 2018 deal, the Turkish soldiers have been working to guard the residents while aggression is prohibited in the region.–Worldwide News

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