Two more cases of corona virus identified in Vancouver

The total number of cases doubled as two more people were tested positive for the corona virus in the Vancouver coastal health region.
Dr bonnie declared Thursday that two new cases are associated to the woman in her 50s that was unveiled as the second confirmed case of corona virus in the region.
The chief health medical officer Henry, B.C. told the media that the two new instances of corona virus found in family members of the woman. He added that the two cases have recently visited the Wuhan region of china, where the virus is said to be originated.
Henry stated that all three cases in that family were in isolation and are reporting to the health officials.
She also vowed Tuesday’s advice for people to consider isolating themselves and children for maximum 14 days if they have recently visited china or went back from the Hubei province, china as it is the epicenter of epidemic.
B.C. health minister Adrian Dix said, “If you’re sick, stay away from work, if your kids are sick, stay away from school”.
A second person was has been tested positive for the corona virus in the Vancouver coastal health region, according to provincial officials.
The chief medical health officer of the province, Henry declared that the patient was a woman and her family members recently came from Wuhan in china, which is the center of corona virus outbreak.
The patient, along with her family members is quarantined at her home.
The woman is in her 50s and suffered illness few days back, told Henry.
She is implicit to have stayed in a local hospital and get observed before going back to home and isolate.
The news reporters raised concerns as the patient’s city and resident is not being given, however they were told by ministry spokesperson that “in order to maintain the privacy of the patient, we are not releasing their location at this time”.
The tests carried out on the woman were “presumptive positive”, and a second test being conducted at a national lab of Winnipeg.
There is no clarification regarding the signs of in the affected woman and her family members were present before their return to Vancouver, Henry added “Those details are still being worked on. VCH is doing the investigation today to trace back their movements and to see if they’ve had contact with anyone else”.
“However, they were well aware of (the corona virus outbreak) and were limiting their contact with people outside the home”.
The woman is fine and in isolation at her house.
While the Canadian flight evacuating Canadians from the Wuhan province of China to Trenton,
Ont. Expected to leave Thursday, Henry said “the likes of Richmond Hospital is ready to receive any patients, if they need urgent medical care during the fuel stop at YVR”.
The province said it had conducted tests in 114 samples, and only one case has been confirmed, last Friday.
The patient who was tested positively for corona virus is a male in his 40s who recently visited Wuhan and belongs to the Vancouver coastal health region. He is quarantined at his home.
The number of confirmed cases in Canada has reached to 7. Three other cases are in Ontario.
So far, the corona virus has affected more than 28,000 people and 566 people killed. The virus originated in mainland China; however Philippines and Hong Kong announced first death outside the Chinese border.
27 cases of corona virus have been reported in 9 countries where the virus spread from person to person, according to the world health organization.–Worldwide News

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