U.S. airdrops 36,800 meals to Gaza in second humanitarian effort

In a continued effort to deliver humanitarian assistance to Gaza, the U.S. Central Command carried out its second airdrop operation, delivering more than 36,800 meals to civilians in northern Gaza through three C-130 aircraft. This operation follows a previous airdrop that provided over 38,000 meals along Gaza’s coastline, involving both U.S. and Royal Jordanian Air Forces, supported by specialized U.S. Army soldiers. These actions are part of a broader U.S. initiative to provide critical relief to Gaza’s population by expanding aid delivery through both air and land routes.

In related developments, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin met with Israeli Minister Benny Gantz to discuss the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel, emphasizing the need for a credible plan to protect civilians in Gaza and advocating for increased humanitarian assistance into the region. Additionally, the Pentagon is engaging in strategic discussions with the Defense Policy Board on protecting U.S. critical infrastructure and enhancing global defense mobilization.

Updates on international military exercises include the launch of Nordic Response 2024 in Norway, Finland, and Sweden, showcasing a large-scale NATO force collaboration designed to improve operational capabilities in Arctic conditions. Meanwhile, tensions in the Indo-Pacific are highlighted by recent aggressive maneuvers by Chinese vessels against Philippine ships near Second Thomas Shoal, with the U.S. reiterating its commitment to defend its Philippine ally under the mutual defense treaty.

The Pentagon also commemorates Women’s History Month, honoring the contributions of women across the armed forces and the civilian workforce, underscoring their vital role in shaping the nation’s military and historical legacy.–Web Desk