UNSC to meet on Kashmir Issue at China’s request

The United Nations Security Council will meet at China’s request on Tuesday (today) to discuss the situation in the Indian-occupied Kashmir.
China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, because of it’s back the council will meet behind closed doors in New York today for the first time since a similar gathering on August 16, which was also called by China after India revoked the special status of Kashmir.
The solicitation to have a sit on the Kashmir issue was advanced by Pakistan ⁠— on December 12, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi composed a letter to the Security Council and communicated worry about a potential further acceleration of pressures.
After which, China’s U.N mission wrote a note to council members by appraising Pakistan’s request,
“In view of the seriousness of the situation and the risk of further escalation, China would like to echo the request of Pakistan, and request a briefing of the Council… on the situation of Jammu and Kashmir,” China’s U.N mission wrote, quoted from the Reuters.
Despite the fact that the last meeting in August hadn’t got any tangible success ⁠— France, the permanent member, called it “any other business”, and Russia had claimed to hold such a meeting behind closed doors.
Nevertheless, at the last gathering, the UN Secretary-General reminded the 1972 Agreement on bilateral relations between India and Pakistan known as the Simla Agreement, which states that the final status of Jammu and Kashmir is to be settled by peaceful means”, under the UN Charter.
Meanwhile, the Security Council adopted several resolutions in 1948 and in the 1950s on the dispute between India and Pakistan over the region⁠ — One of the resolutions called both nations to “refrain from making any statements and from doing or causing to be done or permitting any acts which might aggravate the situation.”
The situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir
After the rebuke of the special status by Prime Minister Modi led government, the only Muslim-majority state in India has become a sub-jail for the locale, till today 38 people, including two women, three young boys were martyred and 853 people are severely injured. Followed by more than 11,400 Hurriyat leaders, activists, politicians, traders, and civil society members continue to remain in jails. As per a prior report of Kashmir Media Cell.
On the other side, Indian security forces continue to molest and sexually harassed Kashmiri women, and the number of affected families reached to thirty-nine.
The continuous shutdown of everyday life in the valley of occupied Kashmir incited even the blockage of the Whatsapp account of the Kashmiri people.
Discussing the rights of Kashmiri people has become a transgression in India ⁠— that the international associations are not safe from the Modi’s Hindutva notion — On November 16, the Indian security forces raided the Amnesty International office, based in New Dehli and froze its account since the organization was showcasing the barbaric demonstrations of India. Before it, Greenpeace India being outraged by the Indian government.
Meanwhile, the crackdown against the left-wing is going in its peak in India. In, June, 6 activists were arrested who are famous for speaking about the common rights of the Kashmiri people.
“None of us had seen anything like this in the past. Even in the worst of times in Kashmir, we were able to file our stories,” quoted by Muzaffar Raina a reporter at the New York Times.–DT

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