US has 54,000 troops in Middle East

US maintains around 54,000 soldiers in 12 Middle Eastern countries
ISTANBUL: Apart from the U.S., which has more than 50,000 troops in Arab countries, France and the U.K. have military bases in the Gulf while Russia has presence in Syria.
The U.S. has around 54,000 soldiers in 12 Middle Eastern countries and has military bases in seven of them, according to a BBC Arabic report, which cites Pentagon data.
The U.S. has two airbases and around 2,000 soldiers at eight military posts in Syria.
Russia has two army bases in Syria — Hmeymim and Tartus.
– US bases in Gulf
In Qatar, around 11,000 U.S. soldiers are deployed at the Al Udeid Air Base.
In Kuwait, an estimated more than 10,000 U.S. soldiers are at Camp Doha Army Base.
In the United Arab Emirates, there are an estimated 5,000 U.S. soldiers at Al Dhafra Airbase.
In Bahrain, U.S.’ Navy’s fifth fleet is located along with more than 4,000 soldiers.
In Oman, there are more than one U.S. base.
– Bases of other countries
In United Arab Emirates’ Abu Dhabi, there is a permanent French military base that hosts an estimated 700 French soldiers.
In Qatar, Turkey has a military base.
In Bahrain, the U.K. launched its first permanent military base in the Gulf.
– Bases in Djibouti
France, the U.S., Italy, Japan, and China have military bases in the country.
U.S. has around 3,200 soldiers.
France has around 2,000 soldiers.
Japan has 200.
This is China’s first military base abroad.–AA

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