US on Schedule to Launch Gaza Aid Pier in Early May

The Pentagon confirmed today that the construction of a temporary pier off the Gazan coast, designed to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid, is progressing as planned and is expected to begin operations in early May. Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, speaking at a news briefing, reiterated the Department of Defense’s commitment to meet the established timeline.

The initiative, termed Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore (JLOTS), was first announced on March 8, targeting initial delivery operations approximately 60 days later. Construction officially started on April 25, with recent satellite images confirming activity along Gaza’s coastline.

The JLOTS system includes a floating pier, an 1,800-foot causeway connecting to the shore, and a fleet of logistic support vessels and barges to transfer aid from the pier to the mainland. The project will see collaboration with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), which will provide security for the operations, ensuring no U.S. military personnel are required on the ground.

Singh highlighted the ongoing construction efforts and future plans, noting, “Right now, you’re seeing construction of that floating, temporary pier, and then, you’ll start to see construction of the causeway, which will eventually be extended into the coastline and secured.”

Upon completion, the pier is anticipated to initially support the delivery of approximately 90 truckloads of humanitarian aid daily. Once fully operational, the capacity is expected to increase to about 150 truckloads, equivalent to roughly 2,000,000 meals per day, significantly boosting aid delivery into Gaza.–By Matthew Olay, DOD News