US sanctions causing shortage of medical supplies: Iran

Posted by Noor Ali

Hassan Hashemi says US-imposed sanctions prevent Iran from obtaining “medication and medical supplies”
ANKARA: Iranian Health Minister Hassan Hashemi said on Saturday the U.S. sanctions prevented Iran from obtaining medication and medical supplies.
According to Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Hashemi made the remarks at a gathering with rectors of medical universities in capital Tehran.
Hashemi warned that Iran had to be prepared against the U.S. sanction that will be implemented in November.
“That the U.S. cares about Iranians, and medication aren’t on the sanction list is a lie because the financial sanctions will damage everyone including an ordinary citizen or a newborn baby,” he said.
“When banking transactions are subjected to sanctions, the fiscal sources are damaged. Therefore, the people are directly affected. Within this period, we should work day and night and understand the fact that the conditions are a lot different from the past,” he said.
“We should be aware that a storm is approaching and we should be prepared,” he added.–AA

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