USS Normandy seizes cache of Iranian weapons in Arabian Sea raid

The US revealed it detained a supply of alleged Iran-based anti-tank armaments and other weapons in the Arabian Sea.
The USS Normandy has seized and embarked a dhow, a conventional boat used in the region, as it located substantial reserves, a US central commander held.
The arms include 150 “’Dehlavieh” anti-tank guided missiles, like anti-tank missiles by Russia, along with three made in Iran surface-to-air missiles, drones and thermal weapons. Several munitions and armaments were held in custody.
There is a similarity among the weapons seized now with the USS Forrest Sherman meant for Yemen’s Houthi insurgents found in November.
The sale of weapons to Houthi’s is abandoned by the UN Security Council which the US and its allies like Saudi Arabia deems an Iranian proxy force.–Worldwide News

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