We will fight until we raise victory flag: Netanyahu

Jerusalem, May 27, 2024 – In a passionate speech before the Knesset, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the hostage situation. He refuted claims that the Israeli government is obstructing efforts to release hostages, emphasizing that these accusations harm the families involved and delay negotiations.

“The repeated false claims that we are the obstacle are not only harmful to the families – that much is obvious, and I sympathize with them. But it goes beyond that: it delays the release of the hostages and undermines negotiations,” Netanyahu stated. He insisted that pressure should be focused on Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, who holds the hostages, rather than on Israel.

Netanyahu highlighted that Israel is consistently asked to make concessions, which emboldens Sinwar. “He sits in his bunker, rubbing his hands in satisfaction, delighted that others are doing the work for him. The pressure should be directed at Hamas. We are taking action against them, fighting hard in the north, center, and south of the Gaza Strip.”

He also addressed the tragic incident in Rafah where civilian casualties occurred despite efforts to avoid harming non-combatants. “We are investigating it thoroughly and will learn from it, as is our policy and longstanding conduct. For us, any non-combatant hurt is a tragedy; for Hamas, it is a strategy. That is the core difference.”

Netanyahu warned against yielding to pressure that could endanger Israel’s existence and reiterated his commitment to achieving all goals of the current conflict. “I will not yield or surrender. I will not end the war before achieving all our goals. Our fallen heroes will not have died in vain.”

He concluded with a resolute message, vowing to continue the fight until victory is secured. “If we surrender, we will deliver a great victory to terrorism, to Iran, and to the entire axis of evil—those who wish us dead. Those who say they cannot withstand the pressure should raise a black flag. No, they should wave a white flag and surrender. I will not. I will continue the fight until we raise the flag of victory.”–News Desk