Yemen rebels ready for dialogue with Saudi-led coalition

SANAA- Houthi rebels announced a statement expressing keenness to finish 5-year conflict in Yemen as as they called for a “public dialogue” with the Saudi-led coalition regarding the following issue.

The head of the group’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi revealed in an interview with the BBC to be published on Sunday that they are quite properly prepared to engage in a public dialogue with the aggression countries in order to lift the 5-year siege on Yemen, adding that the recent contacts with the coalition haven’t reached the level of negotiations.

“We are ready to go to Riyadh provided that a public dialogue is held that will result in a comprehensive cease-fire in the country,” al-Houthi declared.

However, so far no comment was received on the statement from Saudi-led coalition.

Since 2014, Yemen, in fact, has been the land of emerging violence and terror after the Houthi rebels invaded the rest of the territories in the country, including Sanaa which is the capital of Yemen.

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