270 migrants rescued off Libya coast

11 children and 80 women among migrants
TRIPOLI, Libya: At least 270 undocumented migrants have been rescued off Libya’s western coast, the navy said on Saturday.
In a statement, naval forces affiliated with Libya’s internationally recognized Government of National Accord said the migrants included 11 children and 80 women.
The migrants are of Eritrean, South Sudanese, Egyptian, Comorian, and Bangladeshi nationalities, the statement added.
On Friday, at least three undocumented migrants drowned after their boat sank off Libya’s coast in the Mediterranean Sea.
Ever since the collapse of the central authority in Libya in 2011, the country’s northwestern coast has become a hub for illegal migration to Italy and other countries in Europe.
Libya represents a major transit point for African migrants seeking access to Europe, especially Italy.–AA

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