28 arrested in Spain for children smuggling

EU police agency Europol arrests 28 suspects in operation against organized crime syndicate
ANKARA: The EU police agency Europol announced on Friday that 28 suspects have been arrested in Spain for smuggling children from Morocco to Europe.
In the operation against organized crime syndicate, the Europol said in a statement, 28 suspects have been arrested for smuggling children to Europe.
The suspects are believed to have smuggled at least 100 minors from Morocco to Spain and were arrested in Spain.
Europol also said that the victims were transported to Europe for €2,000 ($2,330) to €8,000 ($9,320) and they illegally entered Spain using dangerous means of transportation such as wooden boats, jet skis or fishing boats or by keeping hidden in vehicles and trucks.
In addition, police seized fake documents, data storage devices and mobile phones in the operation.–AA

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