3 Kuwait officials arrested over civil aviation losses

A Kuwait Airways Boeing B777 aircraft prepares to land at Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait City on 13 March 2019 [Yasser Al-Zayyat/AFP/ Getty]

Mubarak Al-Haris; the Minister of State for Services Affairs claimed three officials from Kuwait responsible for losses in the civil aviation industry of the country and met this act of wrongdoing to arrest of these following officials.

It was found by a committee which is led by the Fatwa and Legislative Department that “job inaction” has caused a great loss of millions of dinars, the local newspaper Al-Qabas reported yesterday.

The actual reason of suspension of the employees was narrated by an official to the newspaper calling the result of the loss of a judicial ruling of 8.5 million Kuwaiti dinars ($25 million) by the state civil aviation led to the suspension, while the suspicions of their failure to provide the Fatwa Administration with the documents of the case before the ruling was issued was one of the reasons of their suspension as well.

According to the Xinhua’s reports, there seems a great sufferings for the industry of losing $1.6 billion amid new novel coronavirus as the lockdown is imposed due to that. All commercial flights to combat the growing spread of the COVID-19 and curb the rise in infection, were suspended by Kuwait.

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