France agrees on paying $17m in financial aid to Egypt

According to a statement announced by Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat, the allocation of €15 million ($17 million) in aid to Cairo has been agreed by The French Development Agency (AFD) in order to provide assistance fighting against new novel coronavirus.

The agreement was signed between the Egyptian Health Ministry and the French Ambassador to Egypt Stephene Romatet. However, according to the statement declared by Al-Mashat, it would have a great observation of the AFD to provide funds in order to let the North American state for buying medical equipment and PPE.

“is the outcome of a fruitful cooperation with Egypt’s development partners and asserts the close and deep relations between Egypt and France”, she added the agreement.

Romatet to add his views and oart of the agreement claimed, “The global COVID-19 pandemic affects us all. No country has been spared. To defeat this virus, we must be more united than ever and quick to help our friends and partners.” While adding more views in agreement claimed ADF Country Director Fabio Grazi, “Today’s signing represents a major step in the path taken by France, via the AFD, to support the Egyptian authorities in their effort to control the COVID-19 crisis and its health, social and economic effects.”

Furthermore, the country (Egypt) has made the total of recoveries of coronavirus infections 46,289, and making a number of 1,672 death cases, according to the Worldometer.

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