Anadolu Agency has proven its journalism: Minister

Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul says accusations against Anadolu Agency are unfair
ANKARA: Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul said Anadolu Agency has proven itself to be reliable in terms of journalism, rejecting claims of manipulation as “injustice” against the agency.
Gul’s remarks came after Anadolu Agency’s distribution of election broadcast tests was wrongly termed as a perception operation.
“Anadolu Agency announces the data from the ballot boxes,” Gul told Anadolu Agency in southeastern Gaziantep province.
Referring to an announcement by Anadolu Agency about the allegations of manipulation, Gul said: “[Anadolu Agency] has made it clear that it was the testing of the service to be provided on the election day.”
The agency also said legal procedures were being initiated “against persons and institutions who brought up allegations against our institution on purpose that are contrary to the truth”.–AA

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