Asad regime kills 17 civilians in Idlib: Syria

Idlib was designated as a ‘de-escalation zone’
IDLIB, Syria: At least 17 civilians were killed Sunday in raids launched by Syrian fighter jets on a hospital and on populated areas in the Idlib province.
According to an Anadolu Agency reporter, the regime warplanes targeted civilians in the cities of Banash, Taftanaz and Ariha, and the villages of Ram Hamdan and Bani Ezz.
The civil defense teams in Idlib reported that the regime targeted Al-Nour Children’s Hospital in Taftnaz, killing five people, including three children.
The bombing over Taftanaz killed another eight civilians, while two others were killed in a raid on Ariha and two in Banash and Ram Hamdan.
The Civil Defense added that the competent teams transferred the wounded — the number was not specified — to medical centers close to the targeted areas.
Idlib, which remains under opposition control, was designated as a “de-escalation zone” — in which acts of aggression are expressly forbidden — in May of last year.
Nevertheless, the Bashar al-Assad regime and Russian forces have continued to carry out attacks on the region.–AA

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