Attacks across Iraq killed 7

Seven people killed in attacks in Iraqi capital Baghdad and provinces Diyala and Saladin
BAGHDAD: Seven people were killed in attacks across Iraq including the country’s capital city Baghdad early Sunday.
Iraqi information security center affiliated to the Iraqi army said that four civilians of a family were killed in an armed attack against a security point in As Sa’diyah sub-district of Diyala’s central district of Baqubah.
It is reported that security forces are looking for the assailants.
Meanwhile Diyala Police Captain Habib al-Shammari said that a bomb attack targeting a patrol car of Hashd al-Shaabi in Al Mansouryah, northeast of Diyala province killed one, injured three others.
In addition Saladin Police Department Officer Numan al-Cuburi told Anadolu Agency that one person was killed in an attack against a military vehicle carrying Hashd al-Shaabi forces in the Iraqi city of Tikrit.
Separately Baghdad Police Lieutenant Hatim al-Cabiri said that one civilian was killed after being shot by an unknown attacker in the Bub Al-Sham region located in north Baghdad.
No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
Established in 2014, Hashd al-Shaabi is an umbrella group of pro-government Shia militias formed for the express purpose of fighting Daesh.
Last December, officials in Baghdad declared that the Daesh terrorist group’s military presence in Iraq had been all but dismantled.
It appears the notorious terrorist group, however, still maintains “sleeper cells” in certain parts of the country, including Diyala and the neighboring Saladin province.–AA

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