Bolivia sets an example to develop without IMF, says Morales

Bueno Aires, Argentina—banished former president Evo Morales had strong words for the United States while giving an exclusive interview to the news agency.
He said while the armed forces and police joined a coup d’état opposing his government at the end of last year, he had no option except resigning to evade a deadly conflict that would have expense lives.
He said the US assumes it has “acquired the right to make a coup wherever there are progressive presidents and leftist governments” in the region.
He said, “The first thing President [Donald Trump] did in my resigning process was congratulate the [Bolivian] armed forces for their participation in the coup. And now the U.S. is the first to recognize the putschist Jeanine Anez, the dictatorship”.
A religious conservative, Anez was the second in authority of the senate and became acting president while Morales flee to Mexico, where he was given refuge.
He referred it to an economic reason behind his overthrowing by keeping in view policies he supported in three years of his tenure.
Morales said, “And our sin, our crime, is to have proven that Bolivia can develop without the capitalist system, without the IMF [International Monetary Fund]”.
The first indigenous president of Bolivia won for the fourth term in October, however, was held back due to fraud allegations by the OAS organization of American states. The regional group is frequently blamed as moth price for US schemes and Washington puppet.
Morales was forced to flee to Mexico, and then Argentina, where he sought political refuge since Dec, 12. The president was pressurized by the military to resign.
He explained the OAS genuinely involved in deception in the 20th Oct elections.
Morales said, “[The OAS] report says irregularities have been found in 226 ballot boxes out of 35,000. It is less than 0.5%.,” he said. “We add it up. If there had been irregularities in 226 boxes and if we register all the votes of the 226 boxes to the opposition party Civic Community (Comunidad Ciudadana) that came second, we would still have won in the first round. But if there had been irregularities, what had to be done from a legal perspective, was to renew elections for those boxes. That was the decision of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. But they made a political decision and stole the election, rather than a legal or technical decision”.
He kept on accusing the acting government of misusing the military troops in a plan to threaten the voting public; however, he stated Bolivians supported the coup while facing challenges.
He asserted “For example, before Jan. 22, which is the National Day of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, they mobilized tanks, in a dictatorship style”.
He said despite his resignation which was aimed to prevent bloodshed, the security forces killed 35 citizens and injured several others.
Morale reflected his choice to have a fourth term in an extended career in politics from a local organizer to a leader of the nation.
He said “Maybe it was a mistake for me to agree to run again”, while he referred to the decision of law court allowing him to contest in 2016.
He said, “But there was a Constitutional Court decision. And also everything was fine in Bolivia — economic growth, reduction of inequalities, poverty reduction and, above all, political stability”.
The constitutional referendum of 2016 allowed the president and vice president to contest for a third consecutive term as stated in the 2009 constitution.
Morales informed his urgent preparation is to go back to Bolivia and then work out his next plan of action.–Worldwide News

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