Canadian cadets to be expelled after defacing Quran

Video shows desecration with bacon, ‘bodily fluids’
TORONTO, Canada: Three military cadets in officer training will likely be expelled from the Canadian Forces after desecrating a Quran with bacon and “bodily fluids,” authorities said Friday.
The incident, which occurred during the Easter long weekend, came to light after four cadets involved showed a video of the desecration to fellow cadets.
The latter then reported the incident to higher command and Friday, a statement from the military said two cadets were told their release will be recommended while another will be drummed out for unsatisfactory performance.
The fourth cadet received a warning and will undergo counselling.
“Such misconduct goes against our core beliefs and is not tolerated, especially at RMC (Royal Military College) Saint-Jean (Quebec), where our future leaders of the Canadian Armed Forces are trained and educated,” the statement read.
The video, which was not posted on social media, has been destroyed.
The three cadets are appealing the military’s decision to oust them and a final ruling will come near the middle of June, according to unnamed Department of National Defense sources.–AA

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