CBP Rochester seizes $105K in fake designer goods

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials at the Rochester Port of Entry recently intercepted a series of shipments filled with counterfeit designer merchandise. Over a period of approximately six weeks, CBP officers inspected shipments that included fake designer handbags, wallets, clothing, and shoes, among other items. All discovered items were deemed counterfeit, infringing on trademark rights, and were subsequently confiscated. The total value of the genuine versions of these seized goods would have amounted to over $105,000.

This operation highlights CBP’s commitment to protecting legitimate businesses and consumers from fraud. Rochester Port Director Ronald Menz emphasized the importance of safeguarding honest trade and the detrimental impact of counterfeit goods on businesses and consumers alike. The CBP enforces intellectual property rights and has the authority to detain, seize, and destroy goods violating these rights to maintain the integrity of trade and safety standards.

The illegal trade of counterfeit goods poses significant risks to the U.S. economy, business competitiveness, consumer safety, and even national security. Importing counterfeit merchandise is unlawful, and consumers may face fines regardless of intent.”–Web Desk