Child labor victims in Bogota

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – MAY 28: Nicoll, 8, poses for a portrait on May 28, 2018 at Bogota, Colombia. She comes from a family in vulnerable condition and addiction to drugs, since she attends the AMAR center her life has changed. 357,000 children are victims of child labor in Colombia, this kids are not allowed to work in any case, sometimes this happens for a cultural razon’s or life adversities this doesn’t allow to this kids to grow up in a normal way “to be kids”. This is the most forceful decision to stop this practice that keeps them away from the study, the game and puts them at risk, Today, 87,000 children are not working. This is one of the stories behind the strategy for the prevention and attention of child labor. there are 13 Amar centers in Bogota (Amar means Love) The work carried out in the Amar centers is one of the pillars that make it possible to remove children from dangerous work in the neighborhoods and in their homes and allows them to continue their integral education.

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