Clashes in eastern Germany leave 20 injured

Clashes between far-right extremists, left-wing protesters occur in Chemnitz city
BERLIN: At least 18 protestors and 2 police officers were injured in clashes between far-right extremists and left-wing protesters in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, police said on Tuesday.
Unrest in the city begun on Sunday, after far-right extremists took to the streets, following reports on social media that attributed the killing of a 35-year-old German citizen to two migrants from Syria and Iraq.
On Monday night, around 6 thousand far-right demonstrators gathered in Chemnitz, shouting anti-immigrant slogans and demanding the deportation of refugees.
A counter-protest of left-wing groups drew more than a thousand people.
Saxony’s police department said it filed criminal charges against more than 40 protestors, including 10 far-right extremists who gave the banned Hitler salute.–AA

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