Coronavirus: Global outbreak deepens

Governments across the world are rushing to bring in measures to curb the spread of novel coronavirus, which has extended to more than 40 countries apart from China, the epicenter of the epidemic.
More than 900,000 cases have been identified all over the world, while most of the cases identified in mainland China. Countries including the united states, Italy, Iran,and so on are introducing new measures and imposing travel restrictions to contain the coronavirus with the confirmation of more cases and deaths from the COVID-19.
The South Korean president declared a “war” against coronavirus when 516 new cases were reported bringing the total to 5,328.
Air NewZealand is deep-cleaning its planes over coronavirus fears. The move came ahead of confirmation that a coronavirus patient traveled by air NewZealand from Singapore to Auckland.
The chief medical officer Dr.Ben Johnson stated the airline was collaborating with the health ministry to contact and identify coronavirus suspects traveling by airline.
The airline staff conducted a thorough cleaning program wherein tray tables, in-flight entertainment screens, and so on were cleaned with disinfectants to kill the virus.
“We also remove all headsets, headrest covers, pillow covers, and blankets after every international flight. Domestic and regional services surfaces and bathrooms are wiped with disinfectant spray”.
Owing to coronavirus, and health crisis in the region, the South Korean president Moon Jae canceled a trip to Egypt, UAE, and turkey scheduled in the mid of March, as per the presidential blue house.
The spokesperson Min-Seok said, “In response to the recent nationwide spread of COVID-19, we have decided not to go ahead with trips”. The outbreak in South Korea is the largest after China.
Due to coronavirus fear, sports events across the world have been canceled, yet the Olympics will go ahead. There were speculations regarding the Olympics owing to the spread of coronavirus, scheduled in Japan.
The top government official Yoshihide Suga told reporters that the games would go ahead according to plans.
The Olympics minister Seiko Hashimoto was doubtful regarding the fate of the Olympics and pointed out there could be a delay in Japan’s agreement with the international Olympic committee.
Statistics from China depicting continued slowdown in the spread of the outbreak. The country confirmed more 119 cases. The total number of cases reached 80,270 because of the outbreak that emerged in December 2019. Further, 38 people died on the virus in mainland china until march 3 bringing the death toll t 2,981.
The latest figures from Korean centers for disease control and prevention revealed 516 new cases of the novel coronavirus in the country with 32 new deaths.
In Sydney, a case of coronavirus is confirmed in a woman working in Sydney’s nursing home, mounting fears of coronavirus in the region. The coronavirus sufferer is in 50 years of age and caught the virus locally. Following a wave of panic buying, Australian supermarkets have rationed toilet paper. In a statement, Woolworths said, “It will help shore up stock levels as suppliers ramp up local production and deliveries in response to higher than usual demand” while referring to the rationing of toilet paper in supermarkets. However, panic buying is not limited to Australia only, Indonesia and Singapore have indulged in such practices as well. Even new Yorkers were seen clearing the stock of cleaning products.
In Italy, the number of deaths surged. Italy is the epicenter of novel coronavirus outside china. The government is introducing precautionary measures to curb the outbreak.
In Iran, fears escalated as more 77 people died of coronavirus with more than 2000 affected.
The death toll stands at 9 in the united states where a nursing home is the main culprit for the spread of the virus. However, the positive news is for China where the virus is slowing down.–Worldwide News

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