Coronavirus upsurges in South Korea as 156 new cases reported

South Korea, Daegu- more 52 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed by South Korea as the number of cases associated with a religious cult in Daegu spurred, making the country the most-affected region outside China.
The overall figure for the country mounted to 156 as thirty-nine more cases were reported related to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus Daegu, as reported by the Korean centers for disease control and prevention.
Till now, no less than 80 members of the church have now been suffering from the virus as the virus was originated from the church when a 61-year-old woman showed signs of the virus and participated in the church proceedings on Feb 10.
Deago, the fourth-biggest city of South Korea, has warned citizens to stay inside their homes, whilst the entrance to a foremost US base in the region has been prohibited. Streets were full of life; however, the citizens have taken precautionary measures and wore masks while performing their routine activities.
Seo Dong-min said, “With so many confirmed cases here I’m worried that Daegu will become the second Wuhan”, while talking to the news agency.
Shincheonji is presumed to be a religious sect and allege its founder, Lee Manhee as the mantle of Jesus Christ and lee has dressed in Jesus’s way. They believe he will take more than 144,000 people will accompany him to heaven on the Day of Judgment.
The municipal government of Daegu called for a quarantine of 1,001 church members alleged to be present during the church proceedings with the woman who has been infected with a virus.
A long-stay patient died in Cheongdo County next to Daegu, with more cases identified making a total of 16 sufferers now, according to the KCDC.
It is suspicious whether the Shibcheoji patient got the virus from Cheongdo as she visited the hospital previously this month.
Deagu and Cheongdo have been recognized as “special management zones” by the central government.
Prime minister Chung Sye-Kyun said “Seoul will support the region with medical personnel, sickbeds, and equipment”, and “the cabinet will meet three times a week on the outbreak”.
With more cases identified after the church proceeding, the US Army garrison in Daegu- a center for approximately 10,000 soldiers, civilians and family members for work and stay, has constrained entrée to American military forces and required a self-quarantine of anyone who has attended the Shincheonji church.
The garrison held “Travel in and around Daegu is highly discouraged unless absolutely necessary” in a post on Facebook.
“Please avoid public places and public transportation, to include stores, restaurants, subways and other heavily congested areas”.
Shincheonji has ceased all its activities across the nation while stating “We are deeply sorry that because of one of our members, who thought of her condition as cold because she had not traveled abroad, led to many in our church being infected and thereby caused concern to the local community”.–Worldwide News

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