Donald Trump to host Qatar emir at White House on July 9

Washington: Qatar amir sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani will meet with President Donald Trump next month because the country continues to endure the biennial economic squeeze from its US-backed Gulf Arab rivals, the White House proclaimed Friday.The ruler will meet Trump in Washington on July 9 for talks on regional politics, security and scheme cooperation, per the announcement, amid a United States of America effort to make pressure on Gulf power Iran.“The visit can build upon the long partnership between the u. s. and Qatar and more strengthen our already substantial economic and security ties,” the White House aforementioned.
Washington has sought-after to stay up relations with Qatar, an oil-and-gas wealthy state that has maintained cordial relations with national capital when different Gulf Arab states led by Saudi Arabia have cooperated with Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.For two years Saudi Arabia and its allies the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have barred Qatari flights from their airports and airspace, illegal most Qatari guests, cut trade and shipping links, and closed their borders, sad regarding Doha’s insistence on maintaining its own approach to regional relations.Washington was but addicted to the embargo on Qatar, that hosts 2 United States military bases and also the forward headquarters of the US Central Command, that oversees the Pentagon’s operations across the center East.Qatar is additionally slated to require half in the June 25-26 Bahrain conference on the Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative, wherever Washington hopes to lift money pledges to support the Palestinian economy.—HADISA

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